New and state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with attentive, responsible and specialized staff, enable the company to transform a dull area into a garden, park, play area, roof garden or many other possible solutions depending on your needs.

It includes:

• Design, implementation and maintenance of green areas, parks, villas, gardens, functional green areas, exercise trails, playgrounds, hanging gardens, air and irrigation systems;
• Laying out of meadows, ready-to-lay lawns;
• Pruning and felling of high plants and trees;

• Plant Pathology;

• Phytosanitary treatments;

• Disinfestations;

• Composting;

• Work from aerial platforms, cranes, rentable pallet trucks etc.

For the implementation of your green space, Progetto Verde has a wide range of plants, flowers and shrubs.
In specific:
• Ornamental shrubs;
• Trees;
• Fat and succulent plants;
• Carnivorous and exotic plants;
• Seasonal and evergreen flowers;
• Roses;
• Perennial plants;
• Aquatic plants;
• Aromatic and office  plants;
• Hedge plants.

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